Get equipped to ignite, organize and deploy volunteers with radical compassion for at-risk kids in your church. We’ve compiled proven strategies and best practices to help us get to zero by the end of 2020. Learn the process for creating sustainable volunteer ministries that works with any size church.

Churches are the most influential source of care and support in the community. Vulnerable children continue to receive the best care when the local church, in collaboration with other partners, is at the foundation of community development. As the distribution center for hope in a community, the local church is positioned to identify needs and support interventions for helping families in need.

The largest participation
The widest distribution
The most holistic incorporation
The simplest administration
The fastest expansion
The longest continuation
The strongest authorization
The highest motivation.

A church-initiated initiative is the most sustainable and scalable way to address community issues. When the local church claims responsibility for an issue in their community, it is valued and owned by passionate volunteers. Since most community issues are best treated through a relational approach the church is a natural fit to extend a helping hand. This enables other public and private partners to come alongside and focus on very specialized needs that are best tackled by professionals or legal processes.

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