Free Documentary Screening of ALL RISE for the Good of the Children

Documentary Screening at Saddleback Anaheim
Either Tuesday or Thursday March 24 or 26

Join us for a very special evening to watch “ALL RISE, For the Good of the Children,” which takes you inside the courtroom of an unconventional East Texas judge who uses a trauma-informed, trust-based approach to healing broken families in the child welfare system. Two families share how their lives were transformed through the support and intervention offered by Judge Carole Clark and her team of lawyers, mental health experts and child advocates.

The ZERO by 2020 Collaborative and Texas Christian University (TCU) have teamed-up to help bring the same level of transformation to Orange County. Come see for yourself what could happen when the community comes together to support vulnerable families
with proven evidence-based tools that work! The trauma-informed experts from the Karen Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU will be live at the event for a special Q&A after the show.

If you care about vulnerable children you won’t want to miss this event!