The Zero by 2020 Vision is a collaborative initiative of the Christian churches of Orange County. Our goal can be summed up in our vision statement: Find a family for every child in Orange County by 2020 and equip the church to support them.

On August 22, 2017, over 30 churches met together to initiate this vision along with the Social Service Agency of Orange County and other organizations such as OC United and Olivecrest. Every year the county is short of having enough families to care for all the vulnerable children who need help. This reality – that kids right here in our community are waiting for a family of their own – is not one that we will tolerate any longer. That is why we are pouring our hearts and efforts into this new strategy that will involve hundreds of churches working together.

STEP ONE: Recruit as many families to adoption and foster care as possible from within our churches by asking them to attend the Exploring Adoption and Foster Care for My Family seminar. Beginning in November we will launch dozens of locations for families to attend this seminar at a church near them.

STEP TWO: Equip the church to holistically care for families who are fostering or adopting vulnerable children into their families. This will be accomplished by conducting workshops, trainings and conferences for our army of volunteers who want to help. There will be a full range of opportunities involving every believer to make a contribution to this vision.

STEP THREE: Build a network of consistent support groups for caregivers to plug into as a foundation of care. We have developed an evidence-based training curriculum in partnership with the late Dr. Karyn Purvis that equips families with practical tools to heal the effects of trauma and build connected relationships.

The strategy is simple, but we know full well that the journey will require a collaborative effort from all of our churches.


#ZEROby2020 Team

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Volunteers are participating from a growing list of Orange County churches:
Catholic Diocese of Orange
Christ Community Church
Church of Southland
Coast Hills Church
Cornerstone Church
Cottonwood Church
Crosspointe Church
Eastside Christian Church
Ekko Church
EV Free/OCUnited
Fountain of Life Church
Friends Church
Grace EV Free
Jericho Road Church
Mariner’s Church
Mission Viejo Christian Church
Newport Mesa Church
Orange Hills Assembly Church
Reunion Church
San Antonio Church
St John’s Lutheran Church
The Rock Church
The Shoreline Church
Watermark Church